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Technical data sheet

ENGLISH technical form - Spingcasting alloys

Spincasting Alloys

ENGLISH technical form - Master alloys

Master Alloys for hot diping galvanizing

ENGLISH technical form - High alluminium zinc alloys

High alluminium zinc alloys

ENGLISH technical form - Diecasting alloys

Diecasting Alloys

Certificato di Autorizzazione - ItalLeghe s.r.l.


Certificato REACh clienti - ItalLeghe

REACh Customer

Certificato RoHs clienti - Italleghe s.r.l.

RoHs customer

Certificato RoHs clienti - Italleghe s.r.l.

International certificate

Safety data sheet

Safety data sheet

Cerificazione iso9001

iso9001 Certification

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Qualitative properties of this material

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