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Die casting Zamak

Using ZAMAK instead of other materials in the die casting process offers several advantages:

1) Mechanical properties similar to aluminium and brass, but with a lower fusion temperature and an easier casting process;

2) Compared to alumium and magnesium fusion, it has better dimensional accuracy and better finisheds, as well as thinner walls;

3) It has better strength and hardness compared to plastic materials;

Other important properties of die-cast ZAMAK pieces:

1) they have a good wear resistance;

2) they can bear both moderate and continuos loads (e.g. screw threads) and short, intense strains;

3) they have a high corrosion resistance;

Technical data sheet Zamak die-casting ZAMA 15ZL5 / ZAMA 13ZL3 / ZAMA 12ZL2

Zamak with a high aluminium content

Zinc alloys with a high aluminium content have very good physical and mechanical properties, therefore they are a good option to cast iron, iron, brass, aluminium and copper.
Using these alloys has several advantages, for example, thanks to the low fusion temperature, the moulds remain intact and we can guarantee high precision in shape and in the dimension of the cast. Other advantages arise from high corrosion resistance: high elasticity, ductility, lightweight and the possibility of using different casting methods.

Technical data sheet Zamak high aluminium content ZAMAK 8 / ILZRO 12 ZL 12 / ITL 328 ZL 27

Zamak Kayem - spincasting alloys

Technical data sheet Spincasting alloys ITL1 KAYEM 1 / ITL1 MOD KAYEM S / ITL 2 KAYEM 2

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